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NFL17 Cherry Picks W14: MIN @ CAR, PHI @ LAR Marquee Week’s Heavy Mettle Jams

9 Dec

It’s the NFC North leading Minnesota Vikings (10-2) versus Southern stalwart the Carolina Panthers (8-4) in the League’s marquee match-up for their Week 14 slate of games, one smothered high with like heavy mettle jams.

More than any other time in the NFL’s long season (September – February), the first week in December traditionally serves up games that will test the mettle of those teams who hold playoff aspirations and Super Bowl dreams. It’s a time that separates the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff, the truly wise and tenacious from the occasionally clever, so to speak.

In fact, the largesse creates a playoff field bursting at the seams (12), laden on pretenders diluting the pool, getting invites to the party but only passing glances from Sporting Gods who soon enough send ‘em packing for family trips.

What makes these merry match-ups so important is not just that a win will raise chances of getting a PS-ticket punched, but also for shaping future seeds and just simply toughen-up teams for the championship road that lay ahead.

Vikings @ Panthers

Vikes are a surprise. Starting QB Sam Bradford goes down early on a knee bang as former #1 Bridgewater was still in injury-rehab. Then blossoming rookie run-back Dalvin Cook exits on an ACL tear. With all that gloom opens the door of opportunity. The 6th-year man in Case Keenum, 9-15 with Houston, 8-2 presently (67.5% / 16-5) and sporting a bit of Favresque (you read it hear first), steps in to fill the breach, Murray & McKinnon carry the pigskin capably, local boy Adam Thielen (Minnesota State) is bucking for an All-Pro selection (bigger bucks preferred), defensive specialist Mike Zimmer has the stoppers ranked high (#2 / 2) and Aaron Rodger won’t be back until 2018.

Heavy Mettle Match-Ups

Saints @ Atlanta: Already in the books (ATL). A-Birds got a little D
Raiders @ Chiefs: AFC’s biggest rivalry and in a West up for grabs
Eagles @ LosAngeles: Rams rebound in AZ, Philly loses strong in WA
Hawks @ Jacksonville: Jags slipping as the Seahawks are solidifying
Ravens @ Pittsburgh: AFC’s #2, both clubs climbing to Super seeds

Composite Mettle Match-Ups

Lions @ Bucs: Detroit still has a shot, TB can surprise sometimes
Redskins @ LosAngeles: Chargers are hot but remember W10 (v Jax)
Titans @ Arizona: AZ’s up’d it of late so it’s a good Rd-test for Tenn
Pats @ Miami: Intra-rivals rock and the Fish wanta make statement

Cherry Picks Week 14

Dallas @ Giants: 12.10 CBS 1:00: NewYork
Detroit @ TampaBay: Fox 1:00: Buccaneers
Raiders @ Chiefs: CBS 1:00: KansasCity
Vikings @ Panthers: CBS 1:00: Carolina
Redskins @ LosAngeles: CBS 4:05: DC
Tennessee @ Cardinals: CBS 4:05: Arizona
Eagles @ LosAngeles: Fox 4:25: Philadelphia
Seattle @ Jacksonville: Fox 4:25: Seahawks
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh: NBC 8:30: Steelers
Patriots @ Dolphins: 12.11 Disney 8:30: Pats

Record: 52 – 40

NFL HunchLine
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NFL16 Cherry Picks W10: Heavy Mettle Jams Make Super-Duper Slate

9 Nov

Mettle game: A sporting contest where both teams have priorly demonstrated a capacity for exceptional play but a showing that has either, 1) been lacking in its consistency (losses), or 2) not been sufficiently challenged in circumstance (road test, injuries, weather, etc.) or in high-caliber opponents.

wilson-2-5m-11-11-12-l-maurer-wcIn other words, a mettle game is a toughness-test between teams with playoff potential.

Last week’s slate was downright anemic (iron deficient).

The marquee match-ups that football fans come to expect at the midway were in short supply in W9, with majority of contenders paired against opponents that seem headed to a sub-par season.

Broncs @ Raiders, Eagles @ Giants, Colts @ Packers and Steelers @ Ravens were the handful that offered some hope for fireworks. In the end, while some lively play and exciting conclusions were a commonality, all the eventual winners were in control from the get-go with the losers never able to get it all in sync.

brees-wc-804k-11-2-9-e-kirk-cuomo-usmc-j-conwayannetteBut Week 10 is a horse of a different color.

One week the slate o’ games looks peaked & pallid (W9), the next, the National offers up a smorgasbord of mettle matchups that should boost the hemoglobin of any fan’s lab values. Feast your eyes on these iron-clad clashes:

KC @ CAR: The Chiefs are QB-ready, the Cats starting to show some claw
MIN @ DC: Both teams are former streakers (Ws), one starts their way back
GB @ TEN: Inconsistency Bowl, luck for both they toil in weaker divisions
MIA @ SD: Clash of the Coasters, quarterbacks will set tone in TDs and INTs
CIN @ NYG: Seems the Giants haven’t had steady run-game since Joe Morris

And the heavy mettle jams:

DEN @ NO: Saints’ stock rising with three of four Ls by a total of ten points
ATL @ PHI: Falcons’ stock stays high with three Ls by total of twelve points
DAL @ PIT: Wily QB Ben leads Anti-Heroes v. rookie-led America’s Team
SEA @ NE: SB49 rematch sees Patriots still elite and Hawks missing Beastie

cherries-cloth-picdrome-6-2011-thmCherry Picks Week 10

Broncos (6-3) @ Saints (4-4): 11.13 CBS 1:00: Saints win
Falcons (6-3) @ Eagles (4-4): Fox 1:00: Philadelphia wins
Kansas City (6-2) @ Carolina (3-5): Fox 1:00: Panthers win
Minnesota Vikings (5-3) @ Washington Redskins (4-3-1): Fox 1:00: Vikes win
Green Bay Packers (4-4) @ Tennessee Titans (4-5): Fox 1:00: Green Bay wins
Miami Dolphins (4-4) @ San Diego Chargers (4-5): CBS 4:05: San Diego wins
Dallas Cowboys (7-1) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4): Fox 4:25: Pittsburgh wins
Seattle Seahawks (5-2-1) @ New England Pats (7-1): NBC 8:30: Patriots win
Cincinnati Bengals (3-4-1) @ Giants (5-3): 11.14 Disney 8:30: Bengals win

Record: 44 – 43 – 2

......NFL-symbol.wikiproject.6kbSteven Keys
NFL HunchLine
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