NFL15 Minute Waltz 17: Too Much Genius

29 Dec

Wow Bill Belichick

The setting: NFL15 over-time (20 all), Week 16, Patriots at the Jets.

New England wins the coin-flip.

....Belichick.wc.cca.D.Shankbne.4.24.12.thmbBut rather than choosing to receive the ball, you choose instead to give the ball to your opponent in hopes that your defense will prevent them from scoring, in order that you may get the ball back and score to win the game in the preferred manner of your choosing which was in this case kicking a field-goal (Gostkowski).

Wow, William.

That coin-toss call was kinda’ like ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul.’ Even though you had the jack ($) to pay Paul (Brady et al)) you could’ve left old Peter out of it.

Sporting Gods must be scratching their heads on this one. Even for Belichick, who’s well known to pull a rabbit out of his hat on occasion (“Belichick Effect”) and lives by his own dictates-in-strategy, this one was really pushing his luck.

...NFL-symbol.wikiproject.6kbNFL office is partly to blame for this sort of over-think on Patriots part.

The “tinker bells” should’ve left well enough alone in the overtime play.

But their modus operandi seems to be, ‘If it works, fix it,’ especially if it rings the register. Cha-ching (See; sticky-gloves)!

Sudden-death overtime worked fine. Kinda’ cool, too. A finality we were forced to face. Life lesson. Serious stuff. And not many cry-babies in the aftermath, either. Now they come outta’ the woodwork. First to score, be it by field goal, TD or safety is the winner. Simple. Clear. You’ve got a defense, make it work.

....tinker.bell.Wondercon.7731.wc.4.19.14.Mooshuu.tmbOvertime is a gift. And the newer form (NCAA form is an embarrassment to the game) may be fostering bad risk-taking.

In a tie at end of regulation, both clubs played not-to-win, so to speak. If you don’t get the pigskin on offense in the extra period, tough luck. You had plenty of chances to settle the score in the regular and now it’s time to go home, fellas.

The changes the NFL office worked (Competition Cmte?) are like an attractive nuisance in tort. If someone tinkering hadn’t left that darn ladder outside, that so-an-so wouldn’t have climbed up it, bumped his head and found negligence.

Bill’s got a little bump on his head from the Jets loss. He’s on such a lofty perch (4 SB wins (6)) it’s hard to see. But it’s there. And it’ll heal soon enough.

And I hope Wow Bill Belichick keeps taking chances, like that 4th & short from inside their own 30 late versus the Colts a few years back (Brady pass to Moss). It was gutsy call and rationally-based. And I still think Randy got the 1st-down, too.

But next time, Bill, give your noggin’ a break. ‘The shortest distance between two points is a straight line,’ big guy: Jets 26, Patriots 20.

.....macroecono.lamcasinoroyal.2011.wcSteven Keys
Macro Sport
Photo credit: B.Belichick, wc.cca, 8.28.09, K.Allison; Belichick, wc, Shankbne, 4.24.12; NFL-symbol, wikiproject; tinker-bell, wondercon.7731, wc, 4.19.14, Mooshuu; macroecono, lamcasinoroyal, 2011, wc;
Posted: 12.29.15 @ 4:07pm EST; Copyright © 2015


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