NFL15 Cherry Picks W15: “It’s Not You, It’s Me”

19 Dec

Scapegoats in Season

.....replay.NFL.Parry&Colvin.wc.J.Hall.08.thmbThere’s been “much ado about (nearly) nothing (de Vere)” this 2015 NFL campaign where officiating is concerned and it’s reached a kind of weird, unexpected boiling point this week, no thanks in large part to stokers in the paid media (“Richard Sherman’s Four Ways to Fix” / SI / 12.18.15).

But this topic isn’t about them (referees), nor the NFL rules book, not to any great degree, anyway, it’s about us and the ‘Me First’ attitude which predominates in our culture no matter the season.

And nothing was more indicative of the self-serve sensibility in sport and society in general than the Whine-fest which ensued post-SB49 after Seattle failed to score late in the contest and the play-call critics came outta’ the woodwork like they’d never seen a football game before.

The mass of fandom has very little interest in accuracy or truth in officiating of their games, as long as they get the cherry end of the lollipop, to put it in the Marilyn Monroe vernacular (v. “fuzzy end (Some Like It Hot (’59))”).

....scapegoat.wc.WH.Hunt.1854.thm.UKI’ve yet to hear of a contemporary NFL’er who has conceded to giving up a gain or born a burden (penalty) in order to side with a referee call and further justice.

The only instance I’ve ever heard of anyone in a sport venue siding with a damning decision by an official was Houston Astros pitcher Don Wilson (1945-75). Here’s excerpt of the rare event from The Complete Handbook of Baseball (Z.Hollander, 1976 ed, Signet):

“In a game at Forbes Field, the scorer had ruled a hit instead of an error, leading to earned runs off the Houston pitcher. Next day the scorer was being harangued in the Houston dugout with Jim Owens (pitch-coach) leading the tirade. Wilson spoke up: “Leave the guy alone, I happen to think he made the right call.”

.....Alexander.7.0.06.boboroshi.thm.DC.wcAnd instant-replay, it’s been one of the worst recent developments in sport, like HFCS for a sugar-junkie, never satisfied. Only PED enablement that goes on (NFLPA), mad merchandising (sticky-gloves, Color Rush, etc.) and gambling (FanDuel – DraftKings) rank worse (TV commercials-in-excess are up there). Like the man pretty much said, “(We) can’t handle the truth (Nicholson (A Few Good Men))!”

“It’s not you, it’s me.” Costanza didn’t have any hair on top but he had kahunas.

Houseman MVP Meter…
…Awarded “the old-fashioned way, they eaaaarn it

1) Tom Brady
2) Carson Palmer
3) Cam Newton
.....Brady.wc.cca.mongomez93.thmb4) Aaron Rodgers
5) NFL’s top tackler
6) top running back
7) top trenchman
8) top kicker
9) top sack-specialist
10) top pass-defender

Bad Spot Week 14

.....Bradley.7.25.14.M.Hillier.wcJaguars head coach Gus Bradley for leaving his starting QB Blake Bortles in their game against Indianapolis last Sunday (51-16) after going up 44-16 at 6:03 mark in 4th and Colts led on offense by career-backup Charlie Whitehurst, to then score another TD to make it a pile-on 51-16. Returning a ‘favor?’ ‘Two wrongs,’ Gus.


Here, There & Everywhere (Swivel-heads)

Khalil Mack (OAK): 5sk
Dee Ford (KC): 7t – 3sk

Curious Quote: “Gotta’ win the weird ones.” C. Palmer post-game v Vikes.


Cherry Picks Week 15

Jets (8-5) @ Dallas (4-9): 12.19 NFLN 8:25: New York wins
Cats (13-0) @ NYG (6-7): 12.20 Fox 1:00 (GTW1): Giants win
Bills (6-7) @ Redskins (6-7): Fox 1:00 (GTW2): Buffalo wins
Chiefs (8-5) @ Ravens (4-9): CBS 1:00: Kansas City wins
Texans (6-7) @ Indianapolis (6-7): CBS 1:00: Colts win
Falcons (6-7) @ Jacksonville (6-7): Fox 1:00: Atlanta wins
Bears (5-8) @ Minnesota (8-5): Fox 1:00: Vikings win
Packers (9-4) @ Oakland (6-7): Fox 4:05: Green Bay wins
Bengals (10-3) @ SF (4-9): CBS 4:25 (GTW3): Cincy wins
Dolphins (5-8) @ Bolts (3-10): CBS 4:25: San Diego wins
Denver (10-3) @ Pittsburgh (8-5): CBS 4:25: Steelers win
Cardinals (11-2) @ Eagles (6-7): NBC 8:30: Arizona wins
Lions (4-9) @ NO (5-8): 12.21 ESPN 8:30: New Orleans wins

Record: 74 – 77

...NFL-symbol.wikiproject.6kbSteven Keys
NFL HunchLine
Photo credit: J.Alexander, wc, LasVegasVegas, WSOP-09; referee, wc, Parry&Colvin, 2008, J.Hall; The Scapegoat, wc, WH.Hunt, 1854, Merseyside, UK; J.Alexander, wc, boboroshi, 7.4.06; T.Brady, mongomez93, wc; G.Bradley, 7.24.14, M.Hillier, wc; cherries, B.Kua, 6.1.08, wc; NFL-symbol, wikiproject.
Posted: 12.18.15 @ 7:42pm EST; Copyright © 2015


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