NFL15 MVP: The Houseman Meter

9 Dec

With three-quarters (12g) of the regular schedule now in the books, it’s a good time to reflect upon and rate the front-runners for this season’s NFL (AP) Most Valuable Player award.

Four games remain and the present positions can still change week-to-week. But barring unexpectedly poor performance or disqualifying injury, whomever is on top at this late stage is just short of a lock to get that phone call (text) on the day prior to the Super Bowl informing him he’s been awarded the coveted trophy.

......Houseman.73.Herbert-Barrett.wc.thmThe name in title of this post refers to former film actor-producer John Houseman (1902-88) who in late career became a small cultural icon for a line he spoke in series of Smith-Barney TV ads: “They earn money the old-fashioned way, they eaaaarn it.”

Would John approve of his name serving in such a manner? Well, I don’t think he’d disapprove. He’d probably laugh. But he did show his sporting side in Rollerball (‘75), the original. So, there’s that.

In that tradition, this rating, while not entirely free of bias and / or prejudice to some small degree, is neither guided nor faithful to the concepts of celebrity or trend. As such, the leaders must “eaaaarn” their placement, so I claim.

The same names have occupied the top five spots for most of the way, the two most significant changes being the slide of last season’s winner, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, and ascent of Carolina’s athletic quarterback, Cam Newton.

......Newton.9.28.14.wc.K.Allison.thmCamster-the-Hamster’s rise has been so steady (Cats 12-0) that his bandwagon, with Disney’s Stephen A. Smith, aka, SAS’y, conducting, has been filling up fast.

But there are still plenty of seats available as Cam’s numbers fall a bit short of other spirited tallies and the division in which he and his ’mates toil is about as poor in top talent as is a ‘Bob Cratchit’ college fund short on coin (pre-good Scrooge).

The unwritten standard is as follows, in no particular order:

1) Personal stats and character, if it becomes an issue;
2) Team record (W-L);
3) Quality of competition; and
4) Play and conduct in the big games or moments.

Panthers’ wins @ Seattle (W6) and Green Bay (W9) stand out, where Cam’s play was good (GB) to so-so (SEA). Remaining slate is < challenging (@ Giants W15).

1. Tom Brady
2. Andy Dalton
3. Carson Palmer
.....Brady.wc.cca.mongomez93.thmb4. Cam Newton
5. Top tackler
6. Top receiver
7. Top running back
8. Top trench-man
9. Top kicker
10. Top sack specialist

Steven Keys
Macro Sport
Photo credit: J.Houseman, Hebert-Barrett, wc, 1973; C.Newton, wc, 9.28.14, K.Allison; T.Brady, monogomez93, wc; macroecono-lamcasinoroyal, wc, 2011.
Posted: 12.9.15 @ 2:08pm; Copyright © 2015


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