NFL15-W10 Minute Waltz: These Colors Run

16 Nov

Grim adjectives like “ugly” and “embarrassing (,” “stupid (Deadspin)” and “hideous (New York Post (11.13))” flowed like laundry flush on a Saturday AM, only this happened to be a Friday and the wash had nothing to do with it.

Fans and sport scribes around the nation were not all too pleased with NFL outfitter Nike’s new “Color Rush” line of player uniforms that took center stage on the League’s Thursday Night showcase where the visiting Buffalo Bills clad in all-red uniforms, bested their befuddled hosts, the all-green Jets, 22-17 to kickoff Week 10’s slate of games.

A more fitting name for the campaign: Color Run.

.....Nike.1.27.04.wc.THOR.waffleracer.thm2Unless you were keen to the coordinated fashion statement being made by the Oregon-based company and NFL/PA, you might think the team’s respective laundry folk had forgot to separate colors from whites, maybe ran hot when they shoulda’ run cold. That’s where Tide® Plus Colorguard® (All-Tempa-Cheer® (70s)?) comes in handy.

But no such luck. This eye-sore was planned and will go on, and on, and on.

Not as painful as the pink-wear campaign (talk about “hideous”), but then that, ostensibly (8%), has a higher purpose, so the powers keep telling us. Ugh.

Nike’s tenure as NFL uniform & logo leader (‘12) keeps falling short of success.

Instituting change just for the sake of it (See; Future Shock (’70)), aiming at the LCD (kid-think) like most corporations today and indifferent to common sense that most NFL fans, men and women alike, cherish their touchstones (logos & design) and crave a degree of continuity in their hum-drum lives, Nike’s contract with USA’s favorite fun (NFL) coincided with anti-Redskins campaign while their new notions have proven a blight on the bounty that is the NFL produce.

Negotiations for the NFL’s next uniform-contract (’16) should be competitive.

False Negative or Tortious Tally

Two takes from Buffalo’s TNF win at Jetsland:

First, I like Rex Ryan. From a family of football men, he knows the game and has a joy for life that he readily displays. But it wouldn’t hurt him were he to act like he’s ‘been there before.’ Oh my gosh, he gets excited about a fortuitous win over the Jets like he just won the Lamar Hunt trophy. Rex, c’mon, it’s the Jets.

.....Fitzpatrick.8.23.14.wc.J.Beall.thmAnd in another clear example of why NFL’s method of INT allocation in stats is mistaken, the Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick bears the cost for another‘s miscue.

The 2d-quarter interception correctly credited to Bills’ Graham should not, ethically speaking, have been debited to Fitzpatrick. Receiver Marshall’s bobble of ball well thrown, maybe with help from Corey, was intervening event(s) breaking causal connection to Ryan (proximte cause).

Clear, simple, correct.

Bad Medicine

It shouldn’t matter to the Minnesota Vikings’ brain-trust nor quarterback Ted Bridgewater that their medical staff gave the all-clear for the 2d-year signal-caller to play in Sunday’s game at Oakland (29-17 MIN).

.....Bridgewater.8.4.14.wc.M.Deery.thmAny human being who’s been knocked unconscious (@ Rams W9) in concussion should be excused from re-entering the fray less than a week following, no matter the medical diagnosis and League protocol. Even an amateur like this writer can see that much. Brain is key organ, of course, is still not fully understood and certainly could use a second or even third week of rehabilitative rest.

Like little Sherry Jackson (“Carole”) told us (Trouble Along the Way (’53)), “Winning isn’t the only thing,” nor is it “everything.“ And when you’ve got a top back-up in vet Shaun Hill it should’ve been an easy call to sit Ted this one.

That the Vikes won the game and their decision to play Ted was standard behavior for other teams around the League makes the call no less disturbing. ‘Everybody does it’ has never been much of an argument.

Curious Quote

“I haven’t looked to see yet what it would take for us to win the division.” Positive post-game cmt by Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones after Dallas loss to Tampa, 10-6.” This is where you cue Jim Mora’s famous rant: “Playoffs!? Playoffs!?”

Good Spot (W10)

1) Been There, Done That: It was a rare sight: Patriots’ defensive end Rob Ninkovich (#50) apparently has no need to scream to the world that which the world has just seen: ‘I sacked the QB!’

.....Ninkovich.12.18.11.wc.J.Beall.thmUpon taking down Giants’ Eli Manning for a 4Q sack, Rob got up and walked straight back to his clan. No scream, no bust-outta-your-skin fist-pump or robot-stomp, no thanking the great creator for supposedly assisting his side in the game, just Rob doing his job and moving to the next play. A rare show of workaday humility.

2) Redskins 47-10 Saints: Kirk Cousins (QB), 20-25, 324, 4t: Redskins QB had family in attendance (Dad) and helped put up a big win that might just be signal Washington is turning that proverbial corner.

Bad Spot

.....Moats.wc.8.20.11.J.Beall.thmSteelers 30-9 Browns: Arthur Moats (LB (#55)): Some face-mask grabs are unintentional and merely incidental to the tackle, while others are very brief in timing when the offender realizes he’s erred. But Artie worked a face-mask tackle of Browns’ quarterback Jon Manziel that nearly twisted the Cleveland QB’s head off his torso.

That’s not in the game, Mr. Moats.


Boogie Shoes: Adrian Peterson, MIN (v OAK): 26-203 (80), 1t, 2r;

Here, There & Everywhere: Kam Chancellor, SEA (v AZ): 7t – 12a;

Kicker’s Korner: Steve Gostkowski, NE (v NYG): 2-2 (54 GW) 3x-3.

......macroecono.lamcasinoroyal.wc.2011Steven Keys
Macro Sport
Photo credit: Nike, 1.27.04, THOR, wc.cca, waffle-racer; R.Fitzpatrick, 8.23.14, wc, J.Beall; T.Bridgewater, 8.4.14, wc, M.Deery; R.Ninkovich, 12.18.11, wc, J.Beall; A.Moats, 8.20.11, wc, J.Beall; macroecono, lamcasinoroyal11, wc.cca.
Posted: 11.16.15 @ 4:34pm EST; Copyright © 2015


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