NFL15 Cherry Picks W6: Pink-Eye, Sweet-Tooth

15 Oct


.....pinkeye.wc.9.11.07.P33tr.thmSince 2009, the month of October has kicked-off a blizzard of pink that falls heavy over America’s top pro’l football circuit, the National Football League.

It’s a joint-enterprise teaming the NFL with the American Cancer Society (“A Critical Catch) to increase awareness of breast cancer and ostensibly to raise money for research and education through the sale of pink-wear and related merchandise.’s reported, however, that only near 8% of sale proceeds actually make it to research coffers (“Pinkwashing“ / medicaldaily / 10.16.13 / Weller). Assuming the number’s accurate, that’s not a whole lotta‘ headway.

The fight against cancer by raising money to educate, treat and fund research is common cause. Some have taken the pink thing to heart (DeAngelo Williams (PIT)) and join in what appears a sincere solidarity to pursue those points.

.....pinkheart.D.Sharon.Pruitt.12.8.06.wcBut a tepid tally ($) which will hopefully help to fuel that fight, crass marketing (in it’s element pink is splendid but hideous on the gridiron) and a singular target subject (breast), maybe designed in large part to merely bridge NFL’s consumer gender gap, should leave fans wanting more and, at the same time, wanting less.

Let us together fight all forms of cancer with dedication, dignity (no on-field pink-wear) and devoid of any doubts on altruistic goals.

Heart & Soul

The NFL is a for-profit enterprise. Outside it’s purview of business & entertainment it’s under no obligation, moral or otherwise, to join in fights against any disease. Anything it or any other going-concern decides to give in good faith to combat illness is a good thing.

.....sugar.cuboid.10.30.5.wc.Carioca.thmBut as they’ve shown a spirited effort in the breast cancer fight, the National might consider teaming with it’s top sponsor PepsiCo in taking the lead in combating another major health concern in curtailing the world’s growing obsession with sugar, known to have inflammatory and oxidizing effects throughout the human body.

For every one woman who dies of breast cancer, six will die of heart disease.

The list is long: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatty liver infiltration, neurodegenerative disorder (Alzheimer’s) and even possible link between large and long-term consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) by expectant mothers and rise in diagnosis of developmental disorder autism which “increased 91% between 2005 to 2010 despite fewer children receiving special education overall during the same time period ( (CPJ) / “A macroepigenetic approach” / R.Dufault et al / 2012, 4:6).”

....HFCS.tanker.T.Arthur.6.3.8.wc.thmAdmittedly, it’s hard to see NFL asking a sponsor to invite consumers to cut intake of sugar, it’s bread & butter, so to speak. PepsiCo, like Coke®, is a business helping feed the world and its growing numbers. Part of the answer may lie in reduction of sugar ingredient throughout their line, coupled with education effort on health risks posed by excess consumption, before the Washingtonians may decide to intervene. FFT.

Curious Quote…from the past

Ruth Gordon (Harold & Maude (‘71)):

....Gordon&Wood.wc.2.28.66.WB.GGA“Alot of people enjoy being dead, but they’re not dead, really. They’re just backing away from life. Reach out, take a chance, get hurt even, but play as well as you can.

Go team go! Give me an L, give me an I, give me a V, give me an E, L-I-V-E…LIVE! Otherwise you got nothing to talk about in the locker-room.” Ruth was wise, and cute as the dickens.




Cherry Picks Week 6: Some real beauties

Atlanta (5-0) @ New Orleans (1-4): 10.15 CBS 8:25; Saints win
Redskins (2-3) @ New York (3-1): 10.18 Fox 1:00; Jets win
Arizona (4-1) @ Pittsburgh (3-2): Fox 1:00 (GOTW): Cards win
Kansas City (1-4) @ Minnesota (2-2): CBS 1:00: Chiefs win
Cincy (5-0) @ Buffalo (3-2): CBS 1:00 (GOTW): Bengals win
Denver (5-0) @ Cleveland (2-3): CBS 1:00: Broncos win
Carolina (4-0) @ Seattle (2-3): Fox 4:05 (GOTW): Seahawks win
San Diego (2-3) @ Green Bay (5-0): CBS 4:25: Packers win
Ravens (1-4) @ 49ers (2-3): CBS 4:25: Baltimore wins
New England (4-0) @ Indianapolis (3-2): NBC 8:30: Pats win
Giants (3-2) @ Philadelphia (2-3): 10.19 ESPN 8:30: Eagles win

Record: 20 – 23

...NFL-symbol.wikiproject.6kbSteven Keys
NFL HunchLine
Photo Credit: pink, wc, Jarcje, 7.22.8; pinkeye, wc, P33tr, 9.11.7; grapefruit, THOR, 11.20.8, wc; A Little Love, D.Sharon.Pruitt, wc, 12.8.6; ; cube-sugar, HFCS, wc, 10.30.5, Carioca; HFCS-tank-car, wc, T.Arthur, 6.3.8; Wood&Gordon, GGA, 2.28.66, WB; ripe-cherries, wc, Chirak, 6.24.7; NFL-wikiproject
Posted: 10.14.15 @ 5:13pm EST; Copyright ® 2015


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