NFL15 Cherry Picks W3: Mighty Quinn?

24 Sep

Come all without, come all within
You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn.”

Opening line to Manfred Mann’s 1968 hit single, “Quinn the Eskimo,” known alternatively as the “Mighty Quinn.” It reached #1 in the UK and, unbeknownst by most oldies lovers, was written by Robert “Bob” Dylan. Imagine that?

Why the melody mention? To flag the Atlanta Falcons new hot commodity head coach, Dan Quinn.

Okay, I’m pressing.

The Falcons are just one of nine teams starting the season in perfection, a group that includes the unlikely likes of Carolina and the turbo-charged Jets.

But the A-Birds haven’t started 2-0 since 2012 in Mike Smith’s glory when they cruised to 8-0, eventually meeting their end in NFCC versus the 49ers (28-24).

What makes this different is that Quinn comes into the Georgia Dome with a kind of élan: a pair of championship rings on hand. Biggest for coordinating Pete Carroll’s defensive Legion of Boom in Super Bowl 48 win over Denver, the second for taking (stealing) the NFC title in Green Bay last January to earn trip to SB49 where ’Hawks came up short against Bill Belichick’s Patriots (28-24).

Presently, the Falcons are flying high on offense, ranking 5th in yards per game (398+) and 11th in points per game (25) but bottom-feeding in Quinn’s specialty, defense, where they come in at an embarrassing #27 in yapg (393+, ahead of Bills (28), Pats (29) and Lions (30)) but a respectable 13th in papg (21).

It’s all very early, way too early to be putting much stock in any trend. Not too early, though, to be wanting more from their youthful run attack in the persons of Devonta Freeman (2y) and rookie Tevin Coleman who better deliver some consistency (125+) or Julio Jones and Matt Ryan are gonna’ wear out by midway.

Most encouraging to Dan and GM Tom Dimitroff in their quest to return to contender status is a schedule that appears not the most challenging and aught trigger a muffin-basket mailing to the NFL office. “Thanks a bunch,” ya’ll!

Of course, for this particular year, playing in the NFC South does help. This week’s Dallas tussle looks to be one of the A-Birds toughies. But given last week’s plethora of upsets, one never knows how a game will go.

You do know Cowboys’ rover Sean Lee and punter Chris Jones (45.8 / 2-20) will bring their A-games to AT&T but will Weeden extend his tidy C% (7-7) compiled in brief Eagles stint, and Randle & McFadden start filling the Murray void?

Super Slate

It’s a most intriguing schedule of games for football fans to fix their glims this W3 of NFL action, beginning with the rejuvenated Redskins heading to the Meadowlands to take on intra-division rival the Giants who may hear the bell toll if they go 0-3. It closes Monday night with a top-shelf match-up between the conundrum Chieftains traveling to Andy Reid’s old stomping grounds (‘92-98) Lambeau Field to face Mike McCarthy and his happy-Packers.

Cherry Picks Week 3

Redskins (1-1) @ New York (0-2); 9-24 CBS 8:25: Giants win
Atlanta (2-0) @ Dallas (2-0); 9-27 Fox 1:00 (GOTW): Falcons win
Bengals (2-0) @ Baltimore (0-2); CBS 1:00: Ravens win
Eagles (0-2) @ New York Jets (2-0); Fox 1:00: Philadelphia wins
Chargers (1-1) @ Vikings (1-1); 1:00 CBS: San Diego win
Steelers (1-1) @ St. Louis (1-1); 1:00 CBS: Pittsburgh wins
San Francisco (1-1) @ Arizona (2-0); Fox 4:05 Cardinals win
Buffalo (1-1) @ Miami (1-1); CBS 4:25: Dolphins win
Denver (2-0) @ Detroit (0-2); NBC 8:30: Lions win
Chiefs (1-1) @ Packers (2-0); 9-28 ESPN 8:30 (GOTW2): KC wins

Record: 4 – 6

Steven Keys
NFL HunchLine
Photo credit: M.Quinn, wc.cca, 2.3.15, youtube-pUltS9FjyEA; M.Quinn, wc.cca, 12.29.13, M.Morris; T.Dimitroff, wc.cca, 8.14.14, Thompson200; cherries-on-cloth, wc.cca, picdrome, 2011.
Posted: 9.24.15 @ 3:10pm EST; Copyright ® 2015


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