NFL15: Did Caldwell Pull All the Stops?

21 Aug

Little “Carole (Sherry Jackson)” and big “Steve Williams (John Wayne, Trouble Along the Way (‘53)),” were wrong: Not only is “winning (not) everything, neither is it “the only thing.” Spunky frozen asset turned soft-touch, court-appointed officer “Alice Singleton (Donna Reed)” of the nice legs did look a bit skeptical of her young charge’s code. Smart cookie.


And such is the case in the oh-so popular NFL pre-season.

Football is a beast but the NFL exhibition slate has long been considered a slightly different animal. Someone may need to remind Lions’ Jim Caldwell & crew. Ouch!

In the minds of coaches around the League, the real culprit in the Detroit-DC pre-season scrimmage on Thursday night where Redskins’ oft-injured quarterback Rob Griffin was walked-off in 2Q for suffering from what’s been confirmed as concussion, may be Lions’ head coach Jim Caldwell who, with staffers, apparently felt it fine to ‘pull out all the stops’ in having his defensive felines go ‘full-tilt’ in the exhibition.

On video view the hits (& roll-over) looked to be extra-heavy, an effort usually reserved for regular play and slightly reminiscent of Bountygate in 2010 post-season, as legal as they appeared.


By the time RG3 became cookie-dough for Lions’ rolling-pin 6’6” 280 lbs defensive end Corey Wootton in a fumble-fall, the ill-effects of the two prior wicked whacks had fully set in.

Major media, social circles and quick-to-pounce sport site commenters alternated between lining Redskins head coach Jay Gruden and his offensive line in their critical crosshairs to take all of the blame for RG3‘s bruising night.

But then it’s always groovin’ for PC media to bash the Washington brand, ever since 2012. Almost any reason will do. It fuels the on-going, transparently self-serving and largely hypocritical anti-Redskins (logo) campaign. Just happens to be Gruden instead of Snyder or Allen this time.

Life has it’s unwritten codes. Clarity and a necessary conformity come by way of guidance, good judgment and redress.


In NFL pre-season the code goes something like this: Don’t hit your hardest (D (80%)) nor extend the furthest (O). Make the play, don’t make a mess.

Reasons are obvious and well grounded, though, the heightened scrutiny that exhibitions receive today in a business whose popularity is off the charts, presents players & coaches both with a conundrum of sorts. Too much, too little?

Gruden and Redskins’ O-line may have issues (Who doesn’t?), it’s what the pre-season is made to address. But Lions may’ve broken code, taken advantage and it’s time the experts (coaches & players) chimed-in on this sad display.

And new Miami Dolphins defender Nda Suh has gotta‘ be smiling. Not at the hits, he’s human, but the irony. He was nowhere in sight to blame this time.


Steven Keys
Macro Sport
Photo Credits: Griffin, wc, 8.1.12, K.Allison, TC.VA; J.Caldwell, wc, Sgt.J.Small, 9.19.10; J.Gruden, 1.18.14, Allison, wc; RG3, 7.31.12, wc, Allison, TC.VA; NFL-symbol, Wikiproject.
Posted: 8.21.15 @ 6:10pm; Copyright © 2015


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