NFL15 Cherry Best: Hoisting Halas & Hunt

16 Jan

The Whittle Down

The CFP Committee couldn’t have chosen a better foursome, had they been the given task of selecting a college-style, coffee klatch of teams (4) for the NFL’s AFC – NFC Conference championships playoff, set to kick-off at mid-afternoon, this Sunday.

That’s assuming they’d have gone with the #1 and 2 seeds in each assemblage, meaning, the (Indy eliminated) Broncos (2) would‘ve made their grade.


I don’t know if the NFL result tends to validate the CFP methodology, which disdains a dilution of quality of competition (4) and cuts to the chase w/top seeds, or instead, shines a light on a flawed college set-up that leaves out top-tier risers (TCU), which here, would have been the Colts. But they’d have come close to getting it right, no matter the tack.

As it stands, three of the four remaining hopefuls for Super Bowl 49 are #1 (NE / SEA) and #2 (GB) seeds. Indy’s an AFC #4 and earned their spot, taking down defending American champs, the Broncos, at Mile High, 24-13 by leading most the way.

At this advanced stage in the NFL playoffs, the teams know pretty much everything they need to know about eachother, excepting the evolving injury reports. That’s especially true where the match-ups constitute re-matches of earlier contests just this season.

League schedulers were prophetic as Packers visited CenturyLink Field in September to kick-off the 2014-15 NFL season, getting a Puget Sound pasting in the process, 36-16.


For their part, Colts have received a double-thumping, having given one away in Indy to the visiting Pats in W11, 42-20, not too long after having taken a similar shellacking, East Coast variety, by losing big to the New Englanders in last season’s divisional, 43-22.

It’s been said that familiarity can breed contempt, but here, that will all depend on your particular motif.

If you wear a green G or blue horseshoe on your helmet, there just might be some contempt swirling around in your locker-room this weekend, but if it’s a seahawk or minuteman, it’s not so much contempt that could be a controlling emotion in the minds of players as it is complacency.  And that’s a coaching concern.

A likely, key component of both Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll’s pre-game, locker-room speeches: guard against over-confidence.

Experience is the best teacher. Indianapolis and Green Bay have been down these out-of-State roads before and are not likely to lose their road maps nor forget lessons learned.

Expect close contests, barnburner variety.


Conference Cherry Picks: Only the Best

Packers @ Seattle: 1-18 Fox 3:05 EST: Hawks win
Colts @ New England: CBS 6:40: Patriots win

Record: 94 – 55 – 1

Steven Keys
NFL HunchLine
Photo Credit: Rozelle & Halas, J.Summaria, wc.cca, 80s; AFC Hunt trophy, A.Kirk, wc.cca; NFL Wikiproject; ripe cherries, Chirak, wc.cca, 6.24.07
Posted: 1.16.15 @ 2:09pm; updated 5:36 EST


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